[aprssig] It's that time again. (at least consider an EV)

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> On Apr 5, 2017 at 22:42,  <Nick VA3NNW (mailto:tapr at noseynick.com)>  wrote:
>  Robert Bruninga wrote:
> >  And so we still have clueless people stuck in the
> >  gas-tank/gas-station legacy thinking who cannot conceive of the
> >  conveneience of simply plugging into a $15 simple outlet while parked
> >  and paying a fixed monthly rate.
> Can you imagine if, every time your laptop ran out of juice, or your
> smartphone, you had to take it to a special Laptton, Mobil, Texapho or
> Sunopho shop, or perhaps a supermarket-brand one on the opposite corner
> of the parking lot, a funny smelly outdoor shelter exposed to the
> weather, squirt dangerous chemicals into it for a few minutes, in return
> for maybe 25% of your credit-card balance, just so you could continue
> using it for another few days?
> Heck, even if it gave you twice, or even 5 times the use off a single
> "refill", even if you could pick up a chocolate bar and a soda when you
> go to pay, would you honestly DO that?
> ABSURD! RIDICULOUS! Who are you kidding?!?
> Obviously makes SO much more sense to plug it in whilst you sleep, or
> when you're at work, or maybe even both.
> So why DO we put up with that crap for our cars?!?
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