[aprssig] of interest to IGate client authors?

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Sat Nov 26 07:16:31 EST 2016

Kenneth is correct in his responses.  Please review his reply.

Also, the entire premise of your post is incorrect.  IGateUsersGuide.pdf is the -Users Guide- for the IGate adjunct component of javAPRSSrvr, NOT a specification document.  As I stated before, www.aprs-is.net is -not- a spec but a statement of "what is" as there is no specification for APRS-IS.  APRS-IS has been put together over the years by many authors and, early on, I created www.aprs-is.net to be a repository describing those implementations and the underlying purposes behind those implementations.  In some cases, that means that www.aprs-is.net is definitive in its descriptions (q algorithm, server-side filter commands, login format, etc.) and in some cases it is broader to encompass implementations which may or may not be popular but nonetheless exist (how you determine "local" for instance).  For software authors, it does act as a basis for interfacing to APRS-IS but not a "how-to"; only a basis.

Please do not consider the user guides on www.aprs-is.net to be anything more than my publishing of how my software operates at the point of time they were published.  In fact, I will review today to update those guides to the represent the current implementations of -my- software.


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> From: Jim Alles
> Sent: Friday, November 25, 2016 11:54 PM
> Subject: [aprssig] of interest to IGate client authors?
> I may have found something that pertains to the 'race condition' that some
> operators have perceived, in relation to RX only IGates.
> This test, from http://www.aprs-is.net/IGateDetails.aspx:
> "the receiving station has not been heard via the Internet within a predefined
> time period."
> seems to have lost it's context.
> It originally was found in http://www.aprs-
> is.net/downloads/javaprssrvr/IGateUsersGuide.pdf as:
> Section 1 - Introduction

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