[aprssig] of interest to IGate client authors?

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> As the sentence ironically right after the one you quoted says:
> ​oh. DOH that was triggered by a cut-and-paste error on my part, thanks
for pointing it out and clarifying the reality of the situation for all of

>> Where did did you get this from?
​This is much more obscure than I thought​.

This: http://www.aprs.org/txt/navitra.txt
​Has: "...since just like in APRS, a message to the root call will be accepted
by all SSID's of the same call.​"

This: http://www.aprs.org/APRS-docs/PROTOCOL.TXT
​Has: "MESSAGE TYPES: There are many types of messages:

  MESSAGES TO/FROM YOU:  THese are to be displayed separately and forced
on the user whenever a new messages arrives.
Messages to any of your
​ ​
SSID's should be captured as TO YOU, but only a match to your
​ ​
should be acked.​

​And, the Bozo who wrote page 11 (and 10) of this here:


What I stated doesn't really match either of the
​ first two​
 references. I did get the concept twisted.​ And both of these apply
to some specific clients, not the APRS spec.

> The local RF-gate wouldn't know anything about the actual destination
> anyways, since it wouldn't have necessarily seen any packets from my other
> SSIDs, so there's no way to identify a different SSID station as "a
> Internet-only client". You're now talking about a change to not only
> RF-gates but the behavior of the APRS-IS 14580 port as well.
> ​Not really, all an IGate client would have to do is strip the -SSID from
the packet and send it again to get the root call into the heard list. I AM
NOT RECOMMENDING THIS. It won't be dropped as a duplicate packet.​

​Unless there is some other server mechanism to insert/remove/inspect a
callsign in the heard list?​

I don't know for sure how Lynn (KJ4ERJ) does this here
*My Messages*
Selecting this option will enable reception and display of any message
addressed to your callsign regardless of the SSID the message is sent to.

I suspect that is just putting the IGate's root callsign ​into the "buddy
list" at the server subscription filter. Which, of course, is a perfectly
acceptable option.

So, I now understand that is a client thang.

Jim A.
​(he goes away muttering something about not being able to handle arts &
crafts, anymore)​
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