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The Bosnia SNOW POLE success story was briefed at one of the APRS forums at Dayton 96 or 97.


Poles used about 4” PVC, Cement in the bottom, with a pointed cement tip on the bottom.


Inside on the bottom was a bunch of batteries, then a PACCOM TNC, a “tilt over sensor/mover sensor”, then a 400mhz transceiver, the top had a whip antenna. 


These were used to make the border in Bosnia between warring factions. CH47 would fly along the border and a crew member would drop them out the back marking the border.


Then at base camps, they monitored on a computer the poles. They digi’d and checked in on a routine bases. But, if someone came along and tilted one, moved it, or stole it, the camp nearest sent out a couple of M1 tanks and a Bradley and tracked down the purps.







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What was in them?  Plans anywhere?




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SNOW POLES, were APRS sensor package in large PVC pipe dropped out of Ch47 helos in Bosnia in 1995.




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Has anyone come up with an APRS-based environmental telemetry sensor for EMCOMM use?


Specifically...having a "sensor/APRS kit" that one could drop-or-deploy into a theater and let it beacon back telemetry that would be of use to emergency first and second responders.



*	Wind speed, wind direction, temperature, humidity ... for chemical spills or forest fires
*	Water level ... to help manage flooding
*	Air transparency ... to help manage air pollution


Either drop-and-forget (like around a forest fire) or purposefully deploy (like, ahead of a flooding event)...but with the expressed purpose of providing valued telemetry of known quality.




Ev, W2EV



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