[aprssig] Autonomous EMCOMM Telemetry

Charles Blackburn ai4ri at cfl.rr.com
Thu Mar 17 17:25:44 EDT 2016

I am actually doing a similar thing right now as a little side project for work using our commercial wx gear.


It started out as just a simple way to display the encoded data to verify the calibration, but I was thinking the exact same thing last night LOL




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Subject: [aprssig] Autonomous EMCOMM Telemetry


Has anyone come up with an APRS-based environmental telemetry sensor for EMCOMM use?


Specifically...having a "sensor/APRS kit" that one could drop-or-deploy into a theater and let it beacon back telemetry that would be of use to emergency first and second responders.



*	Wind speed, wind direction, temperature, humidity ... for chemical spills or forest fires
*	Water level ... to help manage flooding
*	Air transparency ... to help manage air pollution


Either drop-and-forget (like around a forest fire) or purposefully deploy (like, ahead of a flooding event)...but with the expressed purpose of providing valued telemetry of known quality.




Ev, W2EV


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