[aprssig] Autonomous EMCOMM Telemetry

Ev Tupis w2ev at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 17 22:56:43 EDT 2016

That's great, Charlie!  Imagine Emergency First Responders OFFICIALLY asking hams to deploy such sensors, providing realtime situational awareness to degrees never before possible.
As I've interacted with municipalities in my line of business...this topic comes up from time-to-time.  Maybe you could even commercialize it.

Stay the course!
Ev, W2EV
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Subject: [aprssig] Autonomous EMCOMM Telemetry  Has anyone come up with an APRS-based environmental telemetry sensor for EMCOMM use?  Specifically...having a "sensor/APRS kit" that one could drop-or-deploy into a theater and let it beacon back telemetry that would be of use to emergency first and second responders.  Examples:   
   - Wind speed, wind direction, temperature, humidity ... for chemical spills or forest fires
   - Water level ... to help manage flooding
   - Air transparency ... to help manage air pollution
  Either drop-and-forget (like around a forest fire) or purposefully deploy (like, ahead of a flooding event)...but with the expressed purpose of providing valued telemetry of known quality.  Anything?  Ev, W2EV   

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