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About 1994, another APRS experiment- COWS IN SPACE. Where they put APRS  trackers on a bunch of cows in a field and tracked their movement patterns.

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I made a deployable WX station a couple years ago using on Argent Data's WX station, a Baofeng portable, solar panel, battery, and charger.
Deploys in a few minutes on location. $300 or so.
I've always wanted to do water and other environmental stuff, but not bad enough to pay for the sensors on my own. These applications would certainly be ideal for Arduino and/or Raspberry Pi.
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We used the messh concept back in 1995 or 6 I thinkfor the SNOW-POLE system  PACcomm built for theArmy for use in Czech Republic.  It is when PacCommintroduced the original callsign substituting TNC'sso that once a snow-pole had digipeated a packetit would not digipeat that packet again.  (Thatwas our RELAY system). Problem was it would repeate all the other copies thoughof its own packet digipeated by others.  That is theRELAY dupe problem that we have finall gotten aroundto forcing obsolete in 2004 to avoid all those dupes. I proposed the WIDEn-N system back in 1994 but itwsa not until 1998 that Kantronics put it in their TNC's.It is a perfect MESH system.  Every station digipeatsit once and never again. Bob, WB4APR  From: aprssig [mailto:aprssig-bounces at tapr.org] On Behalf Of khufford via aprssig
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Subject: Re: [aprssig] Autonomous EMCOMM Telemetry SNOW POLES, were APRS sensor package in large PVC pipe dropped out of Ch47 helos in Bosnia in 1995.   Sent via Electronic Means 

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Subject: [aprssig] Autonomous EMCOMM Telemetry Has anyone come up with an APRS-based environmental telemetry sensor for EMCOMM use? Specifically...having a "sensor/APRS kit" that one could drop-or-deploy into a theater and let it beacon back telemetry that would be of use to emergency first and second responders. Examples:Wind speed, wind direction, temperature, humidity ... for chemical spills or forest firesWater level ... to help manage floodingAir transparency ... to help manage air pollution Either drop-and-forget (like around a forest fire) or purposefully deploy (like, ahead of a flooding event)...but with the expressed purpose of providing valued telemetry of known quality. Anything? Ev, W2EV 

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