[aprssig] Help with Digi settings

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Mar 2 20:07:15 EST 2016

Seems like that is not possible.
It could be as simple as to how you are determining " it doesn’t want to
Are you listening to the audio?
Are you only looking for a copy of the packet on  your screen oblivious to
what is happening on thechannel?

Does the digi "work" if you simply transmit via its actual call?

Sorry to ask the simple, but one never knows...

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I'm having a problem with a high digi using a KPC3+ ver 8.3 that doesn't
want to digi any signal with wide1-1 as the first part of a path. It will
digi the signal only if it was digied by another low level wide1-1 digi.
I've tried a few suggestion as supplied by several people with no avail. It
would be laborious to do a DISP over the air on it, so I'm getting ready to
do a site visit with a replacement KPC-3+ ver 8.3. Here is the DISP from the
new TNC.
Do I have it setup correctly.
Thanks for any suggestions


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