[aprssig] Help with Digi settings

John k4ag at bellsouth.net
Wed Mar 2 15:49:11 EST 2016


I'm having a problem with a high digi using a KPC3+ ver 8.3 that doesn't 
want to digi any signal with wide1-1 as the first part of a path. It 
will digi the signal only if it was digied by another low level wide1-1 
digi. I've tried a few suggestion as supplied by several people with no 
avail. It would be laborious to do a DISP over the air on it, so I'm 
getting ready to do a site visit with a replacement KPC-3+ ver 8.3. Here 
is the DISP from the new TNC.
Do I have it setup correctly.
Thanks for any suggestions

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