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Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sun Jul 24 20:46:19 EDT 2016

> I began wondering why your heat pump can’t cool your home during the

Yes, I cut my heating costs from about $3000 a year in heating oil to under
$1000 or so in new electric bills for the ground source heatpump, but
immediately met that with more solar.  With 16kW of solar, our worst
ellectric bill was about $30 in February and all the other months is the $8
minimum since we drive the meter backwrds.

So, we went from an annual $3000 oil bills, $2000 electric bills  and $1000
gasoline bills down to just the cost of the gas for the Wife's prius.  My
cars are all electric and also run on the solar.

I can't believe I have lived long enough to see solar half the cost of the
utility, and EV's now better, faster, cheaper to buy, cheaper to operate
and cheaper to maintain than gas cars, and to finally be FREE of the
heating oil crooks!.


But it is a geoterhmal heat pump added to a cast iron radiator system.
Heats fine, but  you cannot cool that way due to condensation on evry pipe
and radiator.  So, I have picked up some old air-handlers here and there,
and sometime when I get around to it, Ill stick them in the attic with a
few holes in the upstairs ceilings and run the COLD water through them to
cool the house with virtuallyl no added duct work (With radiators, there
are no ducts).

But it is only unbearable about a week or so total  a year, and by the time
I really get motivated to play plumber, it cools off and I move on to
something else till next year.  Yes, we d have a window AC in the kitchen
and one in the bedroom, but we hate the noise.

One thinkg about runnning geothermal only for heating, means we are slowly
but surely pumping heat out of the ground in the winter and not really
pushing it back in during the summer like all normal geothermal systems
do.  Though it has 7 months to recover, I do notice that the ground water
has lost about 2 degrees since it was installed.  So that is another reason
I want to get some AC heatpump action going, since the BTU's are
practically FREE.  Even without the heatpump, the ground water is still at


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> Dang it Bob, I had to wipe my beverage off of my computer monitor after
> laughing so hard.  :-)
> I began wondering why your heat pump can’t cool your home during the
> summer.  Then I hit upon the answer, which is you cannot deal with the
> humidity and condensation in the plumbing and radiators in the house.
> Maybe you can run a low BTU AC window unit as a whole house dehumidifier
> to overcome the condensation dilemma while letting the heat pump do the
> major lifting.  Just a thought.  Here in Oregon we’ve been wondering when
> summer will arrive, barely reaching a handful of days over 80F for the past
> thirty days.
> Best Wishes from a new APRS/EV/Energy enthusiast,
> Craig  KI7CRA
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