[aprssig] WX system Over Temp

Craig Kirkpatrick craigk46 at comcast.net
Sun Jul 24 18:54:52 EDT 2016

Dang it Bob, I had to wipe my beverage off of my computer monitor after laughing so hard.  :-)

I began wondering why your heat pump can’t cool your home during the summer.  Then I hit upon the answer, which is you cannot deal with the humidity and condensation in the plumbing and radiators in the house.
Maybe you can run a low BTU AC window unit as a whole house dehumidifier to overcome the condensation dilemma while letting the heat pump do the major lifting.  Just a thought.  Here in Oregon we’ve been wondering when summer will arrive, barely reaching a handful of days over 80F for the past thirty days.

Best Wishes from a new APRS/EV/Energy enthusiast,
Craig  KI7CRA

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