[aprssig] High speed modems?

SARTrack Admin info at sartrack.co.nz
Mon Jul 18 04:04:30 EDT 2016

This is a bit off topic, but I have been asked (and not for the first 
time) if there is a way to do emergency communications on VHF/UHF at 
reasonably medium to higher speed.
My SARTrack software can do some of the work via APRS, but due to the 
connectionless state, it is not very suitable for reliabe transfer of 
critical data, and it is way to slow.

I have users who are now looking at DMR for data transfers (because they 
already use commercial DMR radios for Voice and GPS location data) but 
these radios are by default very narrow-band, and are aiming more 
towards the 6.26 kc bandwidth than to 25 kb bandwidth, let alone more.

What we really need is a fully digital VHF or UHF radio modem, which 
enables us to do make one-to-one connections, and possibly some kind of 
one-to-many data transfers.

Looking at the TAPR website, most of the things I find there are very 
old.  I would like to find some kind of system which uses the latest 
technologies to get the most data over a bandwidth which can still be 
used in VHF/UHF.

If there is a mailing list more suitable for this topic, please let me know.



Bart Kindt
SARTrack Developer and CEO

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