[aprssig] IGate Registering for ANSRVR (Messaging failures)

Steve Dimse steve at dimse.com
Fri Jul 15 14:16:22 EDT 2016

> On Jul 15, 2016, at 2:02 PM, spam8mybrain via aprssig <aprssig at tapr.org> wrote:
> Now that's an interesting twist: to only Tx-I-gate if the _sending_ station hasn't been heard on local RF. But what if the sending and receiving stations are both local to the same I-gate but not to each other (hidden transmitters)? Does this prevent the I-gate from operating as an unintentional digipeater?

Not a twist, that was there from the beginning too. Since the messages end up on the APRS IS anyway every message by local stations would get IGated causing QRM. Yes, there may be situations where a message could be delivered that otherwise might not get through, but IGates are usually low HAAT stations, so with correct digi placement such situations would be rare, whereas the QRM from the alternative would be common.

Steve K4HG

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