[aprssig] SATgates ? (Finally!)

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Jan 27 08:35:26 EST 2016

Steve Dimse, K4HG has nailed it.

A SATgate algorithm that works and needs no adjustment or callsign list.  It
simply holds all SIMPLEX packets for 10 seconds.  If no digipeated copies
are heard on air or on the APRS-IS, then it passes the simplex packet on to
the APRS-IS.

This way, all simplex Telemetry packets from the satellites get into the
APRS-IS (with 10 sec delay), but uplinks from users that get successfully
digipeated do not, only the downlink digipeated copy gets in.  Done.

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> Yes. That's another big reason why so many of us are advocating against
> this mode even being an option.
First, it is not an issue for all satellites. For example ISS sends no
significant data in its beacons.

Second, I agree it must not be a default least the telemetry frames of some
sats be trashed, but I still think it should be an option. In those cases
where an IGate is close to one or more hams trying to work the satellite it
can be turned on instead of losing the gate entirely. But there are better

Most IGates already have a blessed list, this can be used to IGate all
packets. If you want a set-and-forget option with no need for a blessed
list, instead of sending direct packets to the bit bucket delay them 10
seconds to give a chance for the digipeated version to be propagated through
the APRS IS. If it is digipeated and heard by the delaying station the
direct packet on hold can be trashed, but even if it is only heard by
another IGate the direct version will be dupe-removed.

Steve K4HG
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