[aprssig] Call Sign Lookup Service - Jan/27/2016 Update

Nagi Punyamurthula n0agi at n0agi.com
Wed Jan 27 22:37:54 EST 2016

Dear Friends
A new call sign lookup view (SHORT) is added to the http://call.n0agi.com/ call sign lookup service:

  *   SHORT view ((with the [&f=s] switch)
     *   Example: h<http://call.n0agi.com/?c=N0AGI&f=2>ttp://call.n0agi.com/?c=N0AGI&f=s<http://call.n0agi.com/?c=N0AGI&f=s>
     *   this will produce a single line, concise view w/ bare bones information
     *   typically used for lookup services for smaller footprint endpoints such as APRS enabled devices such as radios
     *   No Lat/Lon coordinates are generated in this view
     *   this is the fastest of the four views
Additionally, I am excited to share that the following HAMs’ services using the http://call.n0agi.com/ service in their backend:

     *   APRS Weather Lookup Service by KI6WJP – Martin Nile uses my service to lookup zip codes of those call signs that currently don’t exist in the APRS-IS database. An example YouTube video of Martin’s weather service can be found here<https://youtu.be/lVbcZVfdtko>
     *   APRS Call-Sign LookUp Service by KI6WJP – Martin Nile uses my service to lookup call sign details.  The following is how to use Martin’s APRS callsign lookup service:
        *   Send an APRS message addressed to KI6WJP with one of the following message texts:
           *   whois <callsign>
           *   info <callsign>
           *   who-is <callsign>

Thanks to Martin for work and for using this service ☺
More details on this service can be found here:

thanks – any and all constructive feedback is greatly welcome

73, N0AGI-Nagi
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