[aprssig] New Ver .94b Version of UZ7HO "Soundmodem" Software TNC Released

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Mon Feb 22 11:09:05 EST 2016

Version .94b of UZ7HO's "Soundmodem" soundcard software TNC program was 
released yesterday (21 Feb 2016).

In addition to various bug fixes and tweaks, Andrei has now added a built-in 
digipeater function to this superb software TNC.  This API-compatible drop-in 
replacement for the AGW Packet Engine can now function as a basic stand-alone 
digipeater (no other software required).   The digipeater DOES NOT do 
APRS-style decrementing WIDEn-N digipeating, but will function as a simple 
WIDE1-1 fill-in digi.

For those that wish to experiment with non-traditional AX.25 transmission 
formats (i.e other than 300 and 1200 baud AFSK), the Soundmodem is capable of 
operating on a variety of other modulation modes including 600 and 2400 baud 
AFSK and a variety of BPSK and QPSK modulation modes.

As usual I have repacked UZ7HO's basic ZIP file into a full Windows 
"wizard"-type installer that prompts for an install folder, creates a Start 
Menu group that includes a PDF Users Guide, and creates a desktop shortcut.

As before, it works perfectly with UIview.  Just select choose "Host Mode, 
AGWpe" on the "Setup, Comms Setup" page.

It is also extremely useful for debugging & testing TinyTracks and similar 
devices off the air, since the Soundmodem contains a built-in monitor window 
that displays decoded packets without requiring any external programs.  (This 
is invaluable in separating basic transmit configuration issues from errors 
configuring complex APRS client programs.)  Tune a Bearcat scanner or 
transceiver to the operating frequency, connect the scanner's "Recording" jack 
  to the "Mic-In" on your PC, and install a copy of the Soundmodem.

Download the Soundmodem from my website at:

.   <http://WA8LMF.net/miscinfo>        Follow the link at the top of the page.

The original version is here:

.   <http://uz7.ho.ua/packetradio.htm>


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