[aprssig] APRS Message Callsign SPEC- Ambiguity

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Apr 26 17:47:19 EDT 2016

Summary of APRS Messaging Constraints on the 9 byte To-ADDEE Field:

APRS Message SENT to a mixed case or non SSID 9 byte TO-ADDEE field:
1) Kenwood Radios require all transmitted Uppercase TO-ADDEES (cannot
message to mixed case)
2) yaesu's require Uppercase and require an SSID (Cannot message to 9
character ADDEES w/o SSID)
3) Most clients also force Uppercase on TO-ADDEES
4) RF ACKs from the 9 character ADDEE will work because the ACK is sent from
his TNC call to the sender's TNC call
5) So, one-way (un line-numbered) APRS messages can work if TX station
permits TO-ADDEE to be entered.
6) Bob Boobooed on QIKCOM-2 Satellite looking for incoming messages to

APRS Message sent to a normal 6+3 AX25 call from a mixed-case or non SSID
APRS-IS client
7) Kenwood will receive the message and ack it
8) Yaesu will ignore the message since it must have an SSID to recognize the

At this point, we may as well wait to see if QIKCOM-2 gets launched and
works (in the next few months) before taking action.  If it works, then
authors can decide if they want to open up the TO-ADDEE callsign field for
an APRS message to the mixed case.

9) The next satellite after QIKCOM-2 with DTMF and Voice response will not
make this mistake.
A) There is a cumbersome workaround for QIKCOM2, which I may reveal later if
this becomes a hassle

Did I miss anything?

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