[aprssig] Solar Impulse Tracking across USA on APRS?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Apr 25 11:35:44 EDT 2016

APRS tracking the Solar Impulse across the USA this coming month.

I hope anyone with LIVE flight info will post a "SOLARI" OBJECT on APRS
(local RF) so that APRS folks that are out-and-about will be alerted on
their radio front panel to look up at this amazing sight!

Sure, its has its own web page, but unless it is a local RF object, then
most mobile APRS folks will not know it is near them and may miss quite an
opportunity.  At 70 MPH cruse speed and low, but the size of a 747, it is

I suggest we use the OBJECT name SOLAR  And try to estimate the direction
(just enter 70 MPH for speed) and that way mobiles can see which way it is
going too.

If you are mobile and you see it, you can post an "OBJECT" from your mobile
radio by just briefly, changing your MYCALL to "SOLARI" and beaconing a few
posits to be sure your object gets out.  Then cycle power on your radio and
it will go back to your normal call.  If you are going the same direction,
then transmit your objects will moving.  If you are going in a different
direction, then stop so that your objects will not have the wrong direction.


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