[aprssig] Polaric Server

Brian Marble brianmarble at landez.com
Fri Apr 22 13:30:28 EDT 2016

Nice work, lots of great features. 


Is there an english online demo of the polaricserver?


Is my assumption correct that the installed version is multilingual?










I just released version 2.0 of Polaric Server.


The "Polaric Server" is mainly a web based service to present APRS tracking
information on maps and where the information is updated in real-time. It is
originally targeted for use by radio amateurs in voluntary search and rescue
service in Norway. It consists of a web application and a server program
(APRS daemon). In addition there are some plugins that can be installed


The main change in v.2.0 is the use of Websockets to push updates from
server to clients.


More info here: http://aprs.no/polaricserver



LA7ECA, Øyvind






Brian Marble

Gen Manager

LandEZ Inc

435 787 9003


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