[aprssig] Digi and Voice Repeater Beacon Question

jason arends jason.arends at gmail.com
Wed Apr 6 08:58:41 EDT 2016

Thanks. I'm running APRX 2.08 with a TNC-Pi. The club bought a WX3in1 Plus
2.0 from Microsat.com.pl for the digipeater that I'm configuring.

On Tue, Apr 5, 2016 at 2:35 PM Max Harper <kg4pid at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Since the new digi is at the repeater site I would beacon both the digi
> location and the repeater location. For the igate I would just use a
> standard WIDE2-1 or WIDE2-2 path to the digi depending on how far you
> wanted it to go.
> What software are you running on the pi?
> Just my two cents. Max KG4PID
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> I currently have a Pi running a tx/rx digi in my area where we have no
> APRS coverage. It's low altitude and covers a small area and I currently
> beacon my own digi object and also a frequency object for the popular voice
> repeater in the area.
> Our local radio club is planning on putting an APRS digi on the same site
> as that voice repeater, which has no Internet access, so I will be changing
> my station to a tx/rx igate only and I'm going to be setting up the
> digipeater that will go on-site.
> My question is, what should the digi beacon - both it's own digi object
> and the repeater frequency object at the same location? Also for my tx
> igate, should the path be just the local digi, instead of any wide-type
> paths? I'm assuming it would be the same also if I wanted to send objects
> for local events and meetings, just path directly to that digi so it stays
> in the area?
> This is what I'm currently sending for the local repeater, if you have any
> feedback on that, it would also be appreciated:
> ;147.210MO*111111z3706.  N/09424.  WrT915 R35m Net M1930 W0IN
> Thanks, I'm pretty new to APRS and want to get it right.
> ~jason
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