[aprssig] Digi and Voice Repeater Beacon Question

Max Harper kg4pid at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 5 15:32:21 EDT 2016

Since the new digi is at the repeater site I would beacon both the digi location and the repeater location. For the igate I would just use a standard WIDE2-1 or WIDE2-2 path to the digi depending on how far you wanted it to go.
What software are you running on the pi?
Just my two cents. Max KG4PID
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I currently have a Pi running a tx/rx digi in my area where we have no APRS coverage. It's low altitude and covers a small area and I currently beacon my own digi object and also a frequency object for the popular voice repeater in the area. 
Our local radio club is planning on putting an APRS digi on the same site as that voice repeater, which has no Internet access, so I will be changing my station to a tx/rx igate only and I'm going to be setting up the digipeater that will go on-site. 
My question is, what should the digi beacon - both it's own digi object and the repeater frequency object at the same location? Also for my tx igate, should the path be just the local digi, instead of any wide-type paths? I'm assuming it would be the same also if I wanted to send objects for local events and meetings, just path directly to that digi so it stays in the area?
This is what I'm currently sending for the local repeater, if you have any feedback on that, it would also be appreciated:
;147.210MO*111111z3706.  N/09424.  WrT915 R35m Net M1930 W0IN

Thanks, I'm pretty new to APRS and want to get it right.
~jason K0JAA
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