[aprssig] Interesting Findings - 300 Baud AX.25 on VHF-FM APRS

Fred Hillhouse Jr fmhillhouse at comcast.net
Tue Apr 5 10:07:28 EDT 2016

To the best of my knowledge, the application needs to be compiled for the
ARM since it is not possible to just copy an application to the RPi.
Microsoft does have an environment for developing such an application. You
will need source code of the application of interest.

I think it also runs more like an embedded application rather than a
'windowed' app.

I looked at the RPi for running Windows apps and found it wasn't really
possible in the way I was hoping.

Best regards,
Fred N7FMH

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What about the Raspberry Pi 3 running windows IOT  core?


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What I could really use is a tiny single board computer ala Raspberry Pi
that can run normal Intel x86 OSes and software. There are tools that can
remove a lot of the fluff from Windows 2000 or XP so that the barebones OS
kernal and an 
application can fit into less than 400 MB of flash.   With such a setup, it 
would be trivial to use the UZ7HO Soundmodem advanced modes in a dedicated

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