[aprssig] What is the process to make changes to APRS symbols document ?

Tom tom.w1tg at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 9 20:22:51 EDT 2015

Hi Tom,

Thanks for the response!

It would appear that I'm the first to notice this behavior and query about it.  I think you hit the nail on the head with the comment about running a software update.

I'm going to assume that you run a server from your comments.  And we're really wasting one another's time rolling down through an online troubleshooting list, but here goes...

My IGate is W1TG-1 and it's currently connected to the Fifth Tier 1.  What we no longer see is anything *-A *-B *-C *-D...DStar Repeaters and Hotspots nor do we see DStar Users who are sending position data via those Repeaters and Hotspots.  I.E. W1TG

I'm experienced with my IGate and confident that this is the result of outside Server-side changes.

Who writes the software and provides the updates? Are they on this group? APRSC Server...

Tom - W1TG

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