[aprssig] What is the process add to the APRS symbol document ?

Steve Dimse steve at dimse.com
Tue Sep 8 21:00:29 EDT 2015

On Sep 8, 2015, at 11:55 AM, Mike Lussier via aprssig <aprssig at tapr.org> wrote:

> What is the process to make changes to APRS symbols document ?  

> I question how to help identify digital repeaters in APRS. 
> I saw nothing in the existing Symbol set that showed symbols starting with "D". 
> I know there are other digital modes out there and that this is only a starting point.  Maybe the D* range can be setup for 
> APRS suggested Symbol:
> Digital Repeaters:
> DS    =     DStar
> DD    =     Digital DMR
> DY    =     Diigital Yaesu Fusion C4FM/FM
> DP    =     P25   P25/FM
> DM   =     Mixed Mode

One thing to keep in mind that there have been hundreds of symbol addition requests over the years. If they had been granted there would have been no symbols for you to propose today. The general criteria is a new symbol should something that has widespread utility and which will demonstrate specific utility when appearing on the map. Or something Bob likes, like solar houses.

It is unlikely something like this will gain traction, but if you want it to be seriously considered, the questions to answer to Bob are "How many people want this?" , "How many of these stations are there that will be displayed?" and "Why is it important these be instantly recognizable on the screen?"

There are other option for identifying things like the comment field and user defined packets, so your proposal should also explain why these other options will not accomplish what is needed. 

And it would help if you sent Bob one of each of these repeaters. ;-)

Steve K4HG

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