[aprssig] C4LL/XXX and 4U1EIEIO

Ev Tupis w2ev at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 30 17:37:38 EST 2015

Yeah, I know all of this.
I'm simply asking if there are any standard conventions for embedding call signs in comment areas.

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There are restrictions on the callsign based on the technical aspects of ax.25 networking (6 character alphanumeric case insensitive callsign followed by SSID between 0 and 15 inclusive, no SSID is -0).  So all of these


are not AX.25 compliant callsigns and therefore won't work over RF.
Legal requirements vary, depends on the equivalent of our FCC in your country.  Based on my understanding of FCC rules, i simply add my callsign in the comment field when using a tactical call.

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