[aprssig] APRS drones? and Camera?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sun Nov 29 22:24:48 EST 2015

Does anyone have any recommendations for an APRS drone?

I'm not talking top of the line, but a modest coupla hundred bucks.
Something with a wireless live camera and that has a position link that can
be used on APRS or can carry an APRS payload.  Preferably has a GPS with
taps to get NMEA out for a tracker?

In addition to the forward looking camera TV link, I'd also like to have
the payload capacity to add left and right cameras (2 more channels on 2.4
GHz) to enhance remote flying ability.

Don't want smart-phone or wifi link.  Want regular RF and handheld remote.

I dont think I need the hi-def megapixel camera...  Would rather have live

Thought I'd ask here.

Oh, and also looking for a reasonable "game camera".  The kind that snaps
photos of deer in the woods, that I can hook to a tracker to transmit a
"gotcha" packet when triggered..  But in my case, getting the picture of
the guy that keeps defacing my wife's church's sign

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