[aprssig] FW: Possibility to add-on Server to APRS-IS Tier-2 Pool

Nagi Punyamurthula n0agi at n0agi.com
Fri Nov 20 18:30:14 EST 2015

While I understand BCP and DR are key components of a 24/7 availability, fallback systems, etc; that was not really what Phil had asked for; read the ?n he had asked, "what has sparked your interest".  And, I kept my response focused on that and "why" it would be valuable to add one to coverage North Central area.

DR/BCP are important, but, that is not the point of this subject (not at least for now).  I would suspect that will come up once we are past whether the do and "what to do".  You're talking the "how to".  I am still at the "what " - strategically here at North Central District.

Plus, I will say this in response to your dismissive comment;
this is a hobby for most of us; surely is for me;  What sprouts as a personal interest will eventually mature and serve as a community service. *I will leave it at that* because I know how this movie ends and I have watched such movies in the past.

But, thanks for your kind words.  


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> Hello all
> Please see below, I had followed up w/ Phil several times since, but, 
> to no avail.  Is he’s still a Tier-2 Network contact and/or if I might 
> be knocking at the wrong door.  I wanted to surface this request again 
> and see if anyone had any recommendations or what the request process 
> is to add a server node to the APRS-IS server network


If the forwarded mail is your full correspondence with Phil, you really didn't sell your resources very well. He asked specifically for tier 2-4 data centers ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Data_center#Data_center_tiers ), but you replied with no details about your home data center. Some details he might be interested in:

- multi-homed power
- multi-homed Internet
- backup power
- low latency routing (near an internet exchange, good peering)
- redundant network hardware
- redundant server hardware (dual power supplies, etc.)
- DR plan
- deployment automation
- uptime stats from a third party
- previous experience with APRS server software

Please understand there is no urgency to add new servers to the system. Tier 2 currently has far more capacity than required, so adding new servers is a very low priority. You can see from http://status.aprs2.net/ that most servers are not included in the primary or regional rotate DNS at any given time. Servers are scored every few minutes and only the top 10 from each group are included in their associated rotate. This means there are already plenty of spare servers standing by. If Phil is slow to respond, it is probably due to the non-urgent nature of your offer.

Lastly, I suspect most of the subscribers here don't care about your personal interest in running an APRS server, so I suggest you take this conversation off list.


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