[aprssig] Possibility to add-on Server to APRS-IS Tier-2 Pool

Steve Dimse steve at dimse.com
Sat Nov 21 00:07:03 EST 2015

> Please understand there is no urgency to add new servers to the system. Tier 2 currently has far more capacity than required, so adding new servers is a very low priority. You can see from http://status.aprs2.net/ that most servers are not included in the primary or regional rotate DNS at any given time. Servers are scored every few minutes and only the top 10 from each group are included in their associated rotate. This means there are already plenty of spare servers standing by. If Phil is slow to respond, it is probably due to the non-urgent nature of your offer.
But then again, remember that "Tier 2" started because some people wanted to run servers but the core operators felt they were not needed. Funny how now T2 is not letting everyone play. 

So if you want to do it, just start your own group of excluded people and work to draw people away from the other two competing networks. I wouldn't recommend calling it Tier 3 because that sounds even more redundant than Tier 2, perhaps "SuperHappyFun Tier"?

But seriously, rather than creating more excess capacity and doing what others have been doing for 15 years, why not try to pioneer something new? 

Steve K4HG

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