[aprssig] APRStt and SAR... Revised proposal (a)

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We need to understand what we mean by “digits”... 5 or 6 digits relative to
what?  The LSB of a grid is 1 meter, and I doubt you mean that teams were
reporting each meter of movement by voice?  I thought a “3 digit” report
was to the nearest 100 yards just generally reporting the team’s position
(dropping the two LSB digits.) or was it dropping one LSB and reporting to
the nearest 10m?

I don’t want to approach SAR groups directly until we have an idea, and was
hoping there were some people on APRSSIG that were heavily into SAR and
could help nail down the concepts of general usage first.


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Percent of assignment completed
Estimated time to completion of assignment

#5 would not change after the searcher left the staging area so might be

Since the coordinates are used to record the track actually taken by the
searcher, the least significant digis are important. The group with which I
was affiliated for a couple of years used the 5 or 6 digits on their
periodic reports back to the search coordinator. It is important (for legal
reasons post search) to be able to have the most accurate track possible.
LE (law enforcement, in the case of New Hampshire, the Fish and Game
Department) requires accurate tracks to be archived.

Have you considered addressing SAR groups with your proposals and getting
their input? It is one thing for a bunch of hams to come up with a method;
quite another to have something that actually would be useful and
acceptable to those with the boots on the ground.

On 5/18/2015 12:48 PM, Robert Bruninga via aprssig wrote:

0 - off duty

> 1 - Standing by

> 2 - enroute (meaning to assigned start point)

> 3 - returning (RTB after search)

> 4 - searching

> 5 - searching with special (dog team, etc)

> 6 - Resting,eating,etc

> 7 - Clue found

> 8 - Send assist

> 9 - Subject Found


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