[aprssig] Orphaned Argent Data GPS? Panic!

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Mar 31 19:46:53 EDT 2015

Re: List of popular consumer transceivers that CANNOT interact due to
interoperability problem demonstrating market niche for Comms Hub /
tactical mapping program

I’m 12 hours from a balloon launch and I opened my box of tiny GPS
receivers we have had from Argent Data and the bag has no docs!  I go to
the Argent data web site, and the GPS is not shown!

Does anyone know the pin out of these tiny receivers?  (I assume they came
from Argent Data since that is the box they are in).

They are tiny, about ¾” square and say WIESON on them.  They come with a
pigtail of black, red, blue white, blue yellow.  But I can find nothing
about where is 5V and NMEA out?



*From:* Scott Miller [mailto:scott at argentdata.com]
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*Subject:* Re: List of popular consumer transceivers that CANNOT interact
due to interoperability problem demonstrating market niche for Comms Hub /
tactical mapping program

The Tracker3 already has an option to put out the NMEA strings for TNP for
everything it decodes off the air.  I haven't touched it in a long time and
I haven't really had any feedback from users on it, so I'm not sure how
widely it might be used.

If someone comes up with a working reference implementation for a Rino
receiver I'd be happy to look into integrating that, when time allows.


On 6/10/2014 8:39 AM, Ed Lecuyer wrote:

Hi Anthony (and all)

We have no immediate plans to extend TNP in such a manner. Moreover, it is
doubtful that anyone would be able to secure the permissions and protocols
from all of these competing manufacturers to produce a single product that
would communicate universally.'
That said, if someone were to produce such a product and have it spout out
NMEA strings in the format we have documented, then TNP could be used as a
display engine. To pull this off, someone (independent of all of the major
mapping apps, etc.) might be able to secure the permissions and protocols

If someone is willing to take on such a project, I will be happy to supply
a copy of TNP once they are reaching the stage of needing a rendering
engine. Until then, we are not interested in attempting to develop such an


Ed Lecuyer
Product Manager, Terrain Navigator Pro
tnp at mytopo.com

phone: 877.587.9004 x107
fax: 866.207.0626

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On Jun 10, 2014 at 8:36 AM Anthony Mascola <anthony.mascola at gmail.com>

Below is a list of VERY popular consumer products which track the
position and can send and receive position and other information and
this on a moving map tactical display. The problem of interoperability
however creates a situation where these devices currently CANNOT hear or be
heard by others without the proprietary format and there is no way to merge
all this data on a single tactical display. What results is a very
fragmented system that loses tremendous potential for coordinating
operations. We desperately need a very high quality universal mapping and
communications hub program with up to date urban maps, USGS topo and Marine
charts where transceivers on each of the frequencies can be connected to a
single computer with a single tactical display. The incident command center
can have a properly licensed operator at the computer and hardware that is
FCC approved for transmitting on that frequency which can be activated.
This person can ID the field operators, see the location of the field
operators at all times on the map and have multiple ways to communicate
that person from from flashing a signal mirror along a bearing to a target,
sending a person on foot to a specific location, calling, emailing or
texting their mobile phone, calling them on their UHF or VHF HT or sending
satellite text message or placing a satellite phone call to that person.
There is a market for a company which will take the lead and develop
something that can understand and speak with the common formats below and
display location and messaging data in a single integrated place. This
needs to be affordable and easy to use. It should be scalable and usable
for cub scouts all the way up to multi-agency search. Position data can be
translated by this hub and sent as waypoints to all of the different radio
services and not violate any FCC rules that way each field operator can see
the others in the field as updated waypoints and at least know the
of the team at all times. Other freq data could be attached to the position
packet so the person could go direct with whatever common RF they have.
Please consider this request as there is nothing on the market currently
which solves the interoperability problem.


Mobile Phone

Any modern GPS enabled mobile phone, iPhone, Android, Windows etc..


DeLorme InReach: http://www.inreachdelorme.com/

SPOT: http://www.findmespot.com/en/index.php?cid=217
oAvA> &gclid=CILnhtC8774CFfHm7Aod_EoAvA

VHF/UHF handheld transceivers

Amateur Band

Any APRS or DPRS Handheld Transceiver

Examples: Kenwood THd72A, TMd710GA, Yaesu several models, ICOM several
models just google manufacturer and put APRS or DPRS in search field

Private Land Mobile Radio Service


Many others


Garmin Rino http://sites.garmin.com/rino/


Garmin Astro http://sites.garmin.com/astro/

Marine Band

Standard Horizon HX851:
&ProdID=1558&DivisionID=3> &ProdCatID=85&ProdID=1558&DivisionID=3

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