[aprssig] ARISS igated location anomaly/discrepancy

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I originally posted a reply, but there were attachments so it got hung up in moderation. Pardon any duplication: 

The lack of an APRS symbol is probably the same issue I brought up here (or on the aprsisce list) a year or so ago. I believe that operator gated a few people whose symbols all showed up as "No Sym Yet" or somesuch on the ARISS site. If I recall, Lynn said that there's some old/outdated APRS gating software out there that can't properly parse or encode packets. Also, if memory serves me correct, the programmer of aprs.fi said that he'd hack something up so the symbol would still appear. 

Don't know about the issue you had with coordinates, though. 

73, KD0KZE / Paul 

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I am glad to see that the posting made it thru the moderation system. I believe the delay was due to screenshot attachments I had in the posting and that made it large. If there's a way, I wish the moderation system would remove this restriction for posts. 

Hi Steve 

Thanks for the note and attention. 

So, the timing as noted below (screen shot) was approximately 7am CST (12pm 6/29 UTC) 

This particular anomaly was noticed in the RS0ISS gating workload, so I’m not sure if that is dependent on the PSAT/PCSAT workload or separate (w/o knowing how the web server side code base looks like). 

Can someone also share exactly what alias one should be using for ISS, PSAT and PCSAT digipeating. For now, I send “via ARISS” for all three pass thrus as per the suggestion posted by Bob. Is this via path good and the way to go ? 

Thanks all 


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This does seem odd. When was it in UTC exactly? I currently do not show you on the ARISS page at all. Looking at the headers on your email there seems to have been some delay getting your message through the aprssig. If it isn't on the page currently I cannot track the problem. If you see it happening again let me know by direct email ASAP and I'll look at it then. The traffic through ARISS is so high people drop off after a few hours. 

I'm wondering if it is caused by the mess over the satellite aliases on PSAT. You currently appear on the PCSAT page 


with the correct icon and location. The www1 needs to be there because I'm only working on one of the servers until I figure out some way to clean up Bob's mess. If you see it happen again, check these two links which are the ariss page on the two servers - it may help track it down, www2 being unchanged from pre-PSAT days. 



Steve K4HG 


> Folks 

> My sGate was in a QSO w/ RS0ISS just a few minutes ago, in the earlier pass-thru. I have included a few screen shots below and highlighted the situation. 


> Screenshots in the order below: 

> 1. The record below shows that my packet was successfully digi’d by RS0ISS and then sgated by W0JW-6 and the coordinates of my station look correct along w/ my “sat symbol” 

> 2. This shows incorrect symbol, incorrect cords. Timestamp looks correct still 

> 3. This is the map view in the main http://ariss.net/ landing page. My station is nowhere to be seen on the Minnesota location (expected behavior). I am sure it’s probably plotted at the incorrect cords instead 

> 4. Upon clicking the callsign for findu details, it takes me to the findu mapping page and I seem to be located correctly there. 


> It looks like there’s some bug in the main landing page where #1 is recorded correctly, but, #2 and #3 are incorrect. 


> Any thoughts ? Anyone else seeing this issue ? 



> <image001.png> 


> <image002.png> 


> <image006.png> 



> <image003.png> 



> Thanks 


> 73, N0AGI-Nagi 

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