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Nagi Punyamurthula n0agi at n0agi.com
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I agree - PAGERS rock and are probably the simplest purpose built devices.

If I may propose (please share your ideas, all); I build a working POC using the gear I already have and a supporting documentation I will generate coming out of the POC for a combined review in this forum.

The object of POC:
1.	Show a working example where an APRS station "From A" would send a formatted APRS message of type "POCSAG" to another APRS station "To B" using the APRS message transportation network as the backbone infrastructure.

2.	Along the way, a POCSAG capable station, "Station P"; i.e., a station that is equipped w/ a POCSAG encoder/transmitter rig, would receive the POCSAG typed APRS packet over RF, parse out the "To" station's callsign, identify it's PAGER-ID, and thereafter, encode and transmit over RF the message to the "To B" station's pager.  The PAGER-ID value is a unique 1-1 combination for a callsign and his/her pager.  This will be stored in a central database pool, such as an APRS-IS infrastructure table.  In the POC, we will use a locally stored table for demonstration purposes.

3.	Along the way, if a non-POCSAG capable station, intercepts the POCSAG APRS packet, it would follow the normal digipeating logistics if it is a digipeater.

4.	In Step 2, when a POCSAG message has been encoded/transmitted, the station, "Station P" would iGate the packet for closing the loop purposes.

5.	The POC will use an ALTNET to minimize the impact to live APRS traffic (hopefully)

When completed, would be great to show this working example to this forum and discuss forming a small working group of POCSAG/APRS enthusiasts and broaden the scope.

Does this proposed path sounds acceptable.

Any ideas, suggestions, etc., kindly share.



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> Have you ever seen such bulk availability?  If they are available in large quantities and you think this is a good idea, I can contribute some $ upfront if it will help.
I looked at this in depth last year. I'm playing with a rather comprehensive RV management system, and I wanted a way to send alerts like alarms via RF. I decided PICSAG would be too much work with too little assurance of success to be worth the effort, so I settled on packet to a VX-9 on a simplex freq. I'd much rather have a small beeper than the VX on my belt. It is about time for beepers to be retro-cool now anyway!

So I'd throw some money at this project too if someone decided to take it on.

Steve K4HG
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