[aprssig] Another APRS Satellite: Duchifat1

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Jul 17 08:12:01 EDT 2015

Below describes how the Duchifat1 satellite has been converted to receive
APRS and downlink it later to their command station for their map:

You must use APRS "Compressed" format using normal APRS at 1200 baud on UHF
channel 435.220 MHz and get a special 2 byte "callsign" to make the packet
small enough (14 bytes) to fit in their limited protocol.  To register go
to:  http://www.h-space-lab.org/php/duchifat1-en.php

Or generally see their details on

They have announced a new tool called the 'APRS Encoder', that can generate
for you the COMPRESSED APRS packet for Duchifat1.
The input for the new APRS Encoder is the station's  coordinates for
stationary base stations and can then be simply typed into any TNC for
transmission.  Or use any APRS system that can set compressed mode, such as
the Byonics TT4.

​The output of the APRS Encoder is a 14 character long Compressed APRS
packet that can be converted to 1200bd AFSK with a hardware TNC or software
like MIXW – just copy the 14 chars string and paste it into the MIXW window.

All the details on the satellite, the registration and the APRS Encoder are
at this link: www.h-space-lab.org

73 from 4X4HSC team: instructors 4Z1WS and 4X1DG, and the students!

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