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George Vastianos gvastianos at yahoo.gr
Thu Jan 29 08:16:53 EST 2015

thanks for the reply. I have an old build of aprsis in my netbook 2012/08/30 and it works really well. I have already found how i will do the logging of a single port into the aprsis32.log file. can you help me where i will find the packet counters you wrote?  



Στις Πέμ., 29/01/15, ο/η Lynn W. Deffenbaugh (Mr) <ldeffenb at homeside.to> έγραψε:

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 APRSISCE/32 can do what
 you're after. It counts received packets at the 
 port level and also does hourly counts at the
 port level for 8 hours and 
 rolls.  You can
 configure multiple ports and watch them that way, or run 
 an instance per port with unique (not
 necessarily AX.25-compliant if you 
 don't transmit on RF) -SSIDs.  Using the
 latter, APRSISCE/32's 
 back-haul will allow you to get some interesting graphics
 that we'll cover later if you go this
 route.  If you go with a single 
 with multiple ports, only you will know which port/TNC a
 was received on.
 APRSISCE/32 also does packet logging so you can
 later compare which 
 packets were decoded
 where.  Again, this only works with a single port 
 per instance as all RF received packets go into
 a single log file.
 Lynn (D)
 - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and
 On 1/29/2015 4:36 AM,
 George Vastianos wrote:
 > Hello
 > I want to
 make validation tests for the decoding performance of
 various hardware and software (soundcard) tncs I have
 available based on the benchmark APRS TNC test audio cd of
 > http://wa8lmf.net/TNCtest/
 > according to wa8lmf a
 good software to use in order to count the number of decoded
 packets is the APRS+SA.
 > I tried to use APRS+SA and i find it
 extremely complex. I wasnt able to make it talk with TNCs
 directly without any 3rd party s/w (eg KipSS). I was able to
 get aprs traffic only via internet from an aprs-is
 > What Iam
 looking for is a s/w that will be able to connect via com or
 tcp port to a tnc, get packets in  kiss format and COUNT
 > Are there
 any alternatives to APRS+SA that may do this thing?
 > tnx & 73
 > george SV8GXC
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