[aprssig] Weather station hardware and software

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Mon Feb 23 12:04:46 EST 2015

I wouldn't mind putting out a new version of the ADS-WS1 that would 
support an interface to the pi.  In fact, the existing one might do it 
already since it puts out Peet Bros format by default.  The problem is 
that things have gotten so busy that even with five of us working here 
I'm having to squeeze in most of my new development in the evenings and 
weekends.  We've also been stuck waiting on the next shipment of sensor 
assemblies - they've been on a cargo ship anchored off Long Beach for I 
don't know how long due to the dock strike and it's not clear when 
they'll finally be offloaded.


On 2/20/2015 11:20 AM, Steve Dimse wrote:
> e what I've made.
> But I'd still like to see a coordinated effort to get an open source hardware/software weather system. I have most of the software pieces written (and there is much room for improvement), and the hardware I've built is easy to replicate if you know which end of the soldering iron to hold. If you just want to work with the serial data coming out of a Peet station you need a serial/usb dongle, raspberry pi & flash card, and a wifi dongle if you don't connect the Pi by ethernet, say $50. Davis serial data could also be used, but someone else would need to write the parsing routine as I don't have a Davis Station. If you want full control, that means interfacing the Pi with other hardware as the Pi had no AD converter and Linux does not do timing of real world events well. I use both Arduino and PIC hardware, but I think most people would choose the Arduino because it has the more robust maker community.
> Just to be clear, this isn't an invitation to email me asking for stuff. This needs a group of people willing to work on supporting itself and others. I am not going to do this myself. findU was the mistake of my life - if I'd had any idea of how successful it would be, and how much drudgery it would take to keep it running, I would probably never have told an

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