[aprssig] QIKcom Satellite Modes?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sat Feb 21 12:32:16 EST 2015

APRS Satellite operators:

We are delivering our next APRS satellite (QIKcom-1) next week and it will
have a mission life of maybe 6 months.

It is a very quick reaction short fuse opportunity so we are simply going
to fly an APRS digipeater (TinyTrack4) supporting the three digipeater
aliases of ARISS, APRSAT and WIDEn-N but it will operate at 4 Watts RF
power and be easily heard on any HT..

It has no other CPU on board and so it flies with only the fixed settings
set before launch.

But we do have an A/B switch which can be used to switch between two bank

I just cannot think of any neat must-do ideas for how to use the other bank

The host spacecraft has plenty of power, so there is no need for low power
options… (they can simply turn us off if needed).  Telemetry is a boring
Volts, current, and two internal temps.  The settings in bank 0 are now:



BTEXT:              USNA-W3ADO APRS Satellite every 2 minutes

TELEMETRY:   every 1 minute.

I just cannot think of any use for a separate bank settings?

If you have ideas of how to use the A/B settings let me know.

Bob, WB4aPR
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