[aprssig] APRS Operation by Foreign Hams in Australia

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Sat Feb 14 23:23:25 EST 2015


I would send just your own callsign in the usual way and supplement that 
with a periodic beacon to satisfy the ACMA, not that there's much chance 
of you being monitored by them. Anyone watching aprs will clearly see 
where you are transmitting from. FYI the Oz aprs frequency is 145.175MHz.

I think beer drinkers the world over have pretty much standarised on 
style. You'll get the hang of it real quick, hi.


Ray vk2tv

in Kempsey, a long way (1000km) north-east of Melbourne.

On 15/02/15 08:22, John Gorkos wrote:
> I'll be doing business in Australia for a few weeks, and I'll be taking
> my TH-D72 with me.  According to the Aussie government, I don't need to
> do anything special other than identify with my callsign / VKx
> (http://www.acma.gov.au/Industry/Spectrum/Radiocomms-licensing/Class-licences/overseas-amateurs-visiting-australia)
>   However, under AX.25, you can't put a slash-call in the "FROM" header.
>   Is is sufficient to put my actual callsign in the FROM header, and
> include my callsign /VK in the message body?  Anyone from down-under
> able to clarify/collaborate that?
> Also, I'll be in Melbourne, and if there's anyone on the list interested
> in showing me how to drink a beer on the other side of the planet, I'm a
> willing and able student.
> John Gorkos
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