[aprssig] Radio Shack demise - 11 meter to 10m conversions!

Andre aprs at pe1rdw.demon.nl
Sat Feb 14 13:03:53 EST 2015

Op 14-02-15 om 18:22 schreef Robert Bruninga:
>  Get off this idea and let’s move on to doing it on 10 meters where
> there is SO much room above 29 MHz that you can pretty much set up and
> do anything you want consistent with the ARRL band plan.
>     __ __
>     CB radios can be converted and moved up. I have a 40 year old
>     Midland that was converted by simply changing out the crystal that
>     mixed everything together and VOILA!: a 10 meter AM/SSB radio…
> Now THAT really appeals to me.  Thats the kind of grass roots projects I
> like.  What we need is a web page collecting all the possible
> conversions and if we are only trying to convert to ONE frequency, then
> all we need to do is figure out the master oscillator crystal for each
> radio brand that will move the radio there.
> I'll host the web page if people can send me the links to conversions.
> Bob
>     73 de Jim, KU0G____
here you go,

one link I already reported:

Another one in dutch but it has english mods

A collection from new sealand

And there are many more on Google

73 de Andre PE1RDW

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