[aprssig] Ballooning APRS ppt files?

Arno Verhoeven pe1icq at vrhvn.nl
Wed Feb 11 14:47:40 EST 2015

On 11-02-15 01:01, Robert Bruninga wrote:
> Does anyone know how to find bloated bytes in my APRS PowerPoint 
> presentation? (its on aprs.org <http://aprs.org>)

Have you tried doing a "save as" with a new filename?  I haven't used 
powerpoint in about two years now, but I had the same problem back in 
the years and could usually reduce the filesize by doing a "save as" as 
opposed to simply saving the file after making changes.  I believe 
powerpoint also saves the changed information to the files, causing it 
to bloat.

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