[aprssig] Ballooning APRS ppt files?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Feb 10 19:01:16 EST 2015

Does anyone know how to find bloated bytes in my APRS PowerPoint
presentation? (its on aprs.org)

I just gave two recent APRS talks and although I am editing down my
long-winded usual APRS Power point, it seems to just keep getting bigger.

I have COMPRESSED all the images and it should only be about a 4 Meg
presentation.  But over the years it has grown and is up near 11M.

Is there a way to see the memory associated with each slide and go attack
the problem that way?

Again, the content should be small.  But something in all the copying and
saving over the many years has accumulated a lot of excess baggage.

Respond to Bruninga at usna.edu if you have an idea.

Bob, Wb4aPR
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