[aprssig] $60 WinBook TW700 Tablet -- Webpage With More Info Up

Gary D. Schwartz gary.schwartz at pobox.com
Mon Feb 9 13:38:10 EST 2015

Just to confuse things more, there is also a TW801 model tablet, 
which is the same size as the 800, and the TW101, a 10" model. These 
two models have improved specs over the 700 and 800.

The full size USB port is a host port, not a client port as seen on 
many tablets.


At 09:41 PM 2/8/2015, you wrote:
>On 2/8/2015 7:59 PM, qrv at kd4e.com wrote:
>>Is there anything about the changes in the TW800 that would make
>>it less suitable for Ham apps?
>     NO As far as I can see, it's virtually identical except for the 
> larger screen.  The port complement (which sets these Microcenter 
> tablets apart from all other small cheap Windows tablets - 
> especially the FULL SIZE USB port) on the two is identical.
>The only differences I can see is that the 8" unit has a USB 3.0 
>port instead of USB 2.0, and weighs one ounce more.
>>8" would seem better for aging eyes - unless the touch screen/
>>video driver is incompatible.
>In my experience so far the touchscreen is virtually useless for 
>conventional Windows programs since the standard Windows GUI widgets 
>(icons, scroll bars, resizing handles in the corners of windows, 
>items in menu lists, radio buttons, etc) are just too small for the 
>average un-mutated human finger to reliably hit on screens this 
>small. Not to mention the problem of how do you do mouse right-clicks.
>Assume that you WILL ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY get a Bluetooth mouse to 
>go with either of these devices.  And a 32 or 64GB micro-SD card for 
>more storage.
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