[aprssig] New Mexico? Operation from Philmont (APRS?)

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Aug 5 20:36:01 EDT 2015

*Subject:* RE: [ScoutRadio] Operation from Philmont (APRS?)

I just checked APRS coverage at Philmont Scout Ranch and was shocked to see
no APRS digipeater at the ranch or anywhere near it.   See the plot:


New Mexico has always been one of the most widely covered APRS networks in
the County with digipeaters on more than 15 peaks throught the state, all li
nked into the APRS network and able to track an APRS HT almost anywhere…

Hummh… except for Philmont.  Interesting.  They are on the very edge of the
PHG plot, so maybe it does actually work?  Anyone know?

A good project if not…

To check APRS activity anytime, anywhere, see http://aprs.fi


*Subject:* Re: [ScoutRadio] Operation from Philmont

Great ranch, was at the training center as a youth when my dad was taking a
Chaplain course and did a trek in 2010 with a troop crew including my son.

I’m on the advancement committee in Pacific Skyline Council, reviewing
Eagle projects. Former Scoutmaster, etc.

SOTA seems like a natural fit with Scouting. I’ve been promoting it
locally, but there is a lot more potential.

Walter Underwood
http://observer.wunderwood.org/  (my blog)
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