[aprssig] APRS IGates needed for the ISS

D. Daniel McGlothin KB3MUN kb3mun at mcglothin.us
Wed May 28 21:44:21 EDT 2014


> There seems to be a lack of IGates listening to the ISS  and PCSAT
> downlink along the East Coast...
> Can we get someone to dedicate a radio (0mni antenna is fine) in New
> England, central Atlantic, and Florida to this very important APRS task?

Is a south central PA location (specifically zipcode 17252) close enough 
to 'cental Atlantic' for your needs?

If so, and if noone else offers, I'd volunteer.

I'm likely to need a bit of hand-holding to do this.  I do have a TT4, 
and an VHF/UHF HT, neither of which are doing much more than cowering in 
the dark.  I have a broadband ISP connection.  Mostly, I'd need to 
acquire & place an antenna, run a bit of feed and power line, and do the 

73 de Daniel KB3MUN

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