[aprssig] Igate traffic flow query

Nick G4IRX g4irx9 at nowindows.net
Wed May 28 18:57:39 EDT 2014


Is it likely that traffic gated from RF to APRS-IS can be gated back out 
to RF at some point? I'm thinking particularly of messages.

The reason that I ask is beacause in the UK we are prohibited from 
passing traffic via a public communications network unless we have a NOV 
(permit). I considered the case of gating from internet to RF which is 
clearly prohibited, but in the other direction is a bit of a grey area. 
If a packet were to travel no futher than APRS-IS it would at first 
consideration be OK, but then I considered that if it gets gated back to 
RF at some point then the original (RF to APRS-IS) station is then part 
of the relay process via a public communications network.

Nick G4IRX

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