[aprssig] New Icons for APRS software?

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Tue May 20 23:31:45 EDT 2014

The final format is not the point.
Its about a graphics artist making the icons in a couple of sizes. 
Generally they would design them at the largest size, then generate the 
smaller onces (maybe they would have to do some more work to finetune 
the smaller ones).

They can then be supplied as a collection of .PNG files (in various 
sizes), and it is extremely simple to generate the final format of them, 
for example to convert them into ".ico" format, (This is what SARTRack 
uses, they are then loaded into the program in a 'resource file'), or 
glue them all together into a block, whatever.

Once the developers have the collection of sepparate image files, they 
can do whatever they want with them, to make them suitable for import in 
their program.

I just found the original poster back on this issue; it was Heikki 

> On Tue, Oct 8, 2013 at 11:55 PM, Heikki Hannikainen <hessu at hes.iki.fi> wrote:
>> we'd actually like to have some sort of graphic artist do it for us since
>> we can't make them pretty enough ourselves.
> On Friday I sent an RFP-type email towards one potential source of
> graphic artist candidates. I'll keep you posted what comes out of it.
> I'd start by getting a few example symbols done, and based on review
> of that (and the technical specs), order the rest. Do the current
> standard set first, and only then go with extensions.
> Emphasis on wide reusability, licensing allowing future development
> and commercial+noncommercial reuse, easy integration to app build
> processes (drop in new versions, rebuild, distribute).
> - Hessu

Did this pan out??



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