[aprssig] APRS-IS Passcode alternative: SSL + Certificates, with no data encryption

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Sat Mar 29 12:03:31 EDT 2014

Did the rules change?

Initiating a RF transmission on Ham bands has always required
that the originator be a Ham licensed for that mode, band,
power, etc.

That the "microphone" and "ptt" (for illustrative purposes) is
connected via a "long wire" (the internet) appears irrelevant
to the law/regs.

Where, precisely, do the law/regs allow for a non-Ham to
cause ("ptt") an RF transmission on Ham spectrum?

David KD4E

> Steve Dimse wrote:
> There is an important subtlety here in the US rules. The
> RF-originating station of an automatic message forwarding system
> accepts responsibility for the content of the message, unless s/he
> has verified the non-RF originator was a ham. If there is nothing in
> the message that a ham cannot transmit (e.g. profanity, commercial or
> encrypted traffic), it does not matter that it originates with a
> non-ham. Is is not whether "the originator is legally allowed to send
> the data", it is whether the message content is legal for ham
> frequencies.


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