[aprssig] Here we go again...sigh

Christopher Snell chris.snell at gmail.com
Sat Jul 12 16:51:11 EDT 2014

There's a great document that Jerry Gable KF7MVY put together:


The problem is that it's a PDF and not ranked very highly by Google's
search index.   It would make a great front-page addition to www.aprs.org
or, better yet, a dedicated APRS-on-balloons page that would be more likely
to be found by HABers.   Besides the PATH tutorial, other useful info might
include links to the various commercial and homebrew trackers,
balloon-compatible antenna designs, tracking software, lists of potential
iGate volunteers for non-144.39 freqs, etc.

I just registered a domain for a HAB-specific APRS page:  *aprshab.org
<http://aprshab.org>*.   I know that Bob Bruninga has a trademark on APRS
but if he will approve, I will set up and host a wiki that we can populate
(as a community) with balloon-specific APRS knowledge.   Bob, if you don't
approve, I'll ditch the domain.


Chris NW5W

On Sat, Jul 12, 2014 at 1:31 PM, Chuck Gooden <Chuck.Gooden at comcast.net>

> Jim,
> You have a good idea and it would be nice if you could write the article
> for QST.   Writing an article may require some research on your part but
> that would be part of the learning process and would increase your
> knowledge in the hobby.  I would encourage you to take action and make it
> happen.
> Chuck Gooden - N9QBT
> Rockford, IL
> On 7/12/2014 12:12 PM, Jim Wagner wrote:
>> I'd bet that most of the balloon folks are occasional or rare APRS users.
>> Maybe never before. How are they to know - bet they have no information
>> that even tells them how a digi path works, let alone the knowledge to make
>> a "best judgement".
>> Is there a central web site (or several) where balloon people go for
>> technical information? That would be a great place to post something about
>> configuring APRS for balloon flights.
>> How about QST or other general distribution ham venues? A short bit on
>> beacon rates and preferred paths for balloons might actually get where it
>> needs to go.
>> Jim Wagner, KA7EHK
>> Tangent, OR, USA
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