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Tony VE6MVP tony at ve6mvp.com
Tue Feb 25 16:37:33 EST 2014

>On 26 Feb 2014, at 8:09 am, Tony VE6MVP 
><<mailto:tony at ve6mvp.com>tony at ve6mvp.com> wrote:
>>At 01:44 PM 2014-02-24, Andrew Rich wrote:
>>>Found it
>>>+ The radio body port is for freq etc
>>>+ The head port is for TNC
>>No, it's not that simple.  The radio body com port is for updating 
>>the radio body firmware and the memory.   The head com port is for 
>>updating the control head firmware, TNC settings, and current A and 
>>B side radio settings including frequency, offset and tone.   And, 
>>of course, send and receiving data packets..

At 02:21 PM 2014-02-25, Andrew Rich wrote:
>That's odd
>I can not get the d710 to do any command other than tnc via the head
>Also d710 group confirms d710 freq is set via body

No the D710 group did not confirm that the active D710 freq is set 
via body.     There's a difference between updating the frequencies 
in the memories in the body and updating the settings visible on the 
control head.

>What is freq command ? Read or set

Read the PDF file written by Kai.  It's kind of hard to figure it all 
out and I haven't spent the time myself on it that I would have like 
to   I would continue this discussion in the D710 group as that is 
much more on topic.

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