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Mark Cheavens mcheavens at usa.net
Sun Feb 2 16:41:32 EST 2014

I have tried to stay quiet on the subject as I enjoy all of the work 
that Steve does.
- While "dew point" does not exist below freezing, it is then the FROST point.
Frost occurs when the humidity and temperature are correct and 
instead of the water condensing and forming dew, it changes state 
from vapor to frost.

I DO like the wind chill numbers, although I believe there is MUCH 
more to the "feel" than simply wind and temperature. I find that 
humidity and air density also have a bearing.

(I am not a meteorologist)

Thank you Steve. I love the new panel.

My wish list would move the time parameter to all the weather graphs 
so I could display "local" time instead of UTC.

Mark Cheavens

At 10:02 PM 2/1/2014, Patrick wrote:
>I would second N3OZB's suggestion to drop it.  Its not a real 
>measurement, it is a "feeling"..  Further there is no universally 
>accepted formula for it so there would always be drama... How long 
>until noaa publishes a new new formula?
>On 2/1/2014 9:49 PM, Bob Burns W9BU wrote:
>>On 2/1/2014 6:35 PM, Robert Kirk wrote:
>>>As I've said before, wind chill is a misleading, non-scientific,
>>>confusing quantity.
>>Research into the rate of heat loss from the human body due to the 
>>combined effects of low temperature and wind goes back to pre-World 
>>War II Antarctic expeditions.
>>The formula used to calculate wind chill can be found here:
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