[aprssig] Wind chill

Steve Dimse steve at dimse.com
Sun Feb 2 13:21:02 EST 2014

I hope everyone appreciates from this little snippet just how impossible it is to make people happy.

I had 8 requests for wind chill emailed to me, and now people are bring up the Holocaust as a reason to drop it!

I added it because some people were whining about wanting dew point and others were whining about wanting humidity. So to make all those people happy I gave you both. Since there can be no dew below 33 degrees, I put windchill in place of dewpoint below freezing for those who want wind chill.

So, if you don’t like wind chill don’t look at that field. Or do what I do. I don’t like wind chill, so I live in the Florida Keys where it is 80 right now. My panel will NEVER show wind chill!

Steve K4HG

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